Seminars Series 2011/12

19 October 2011
Wonder, Fear and Fury: Shipboard Emotions on a 1526 Voyage to the New World
Dr Heather Dalton (University of Melbourne)
Gender Studies

2 November 2011
Location, Location, Location: Cult/Mainstream Celebrity in the Small Nation
Dr Rebecca Williams (University of Glamorgan)
Centre for Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

16 November 2011
Love in a Cross Cultural Context: Muslims in Mixed Marriages
Professor Sharif Gemie (University of Glamorgan)
Gender Studies

23 November 2011
An Art of Our Own: State Patronage of the Visual Arts in Wales 1945-1967
Dr Huw D Jones (University of Glamorgan)
Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

7 December 2011
Difficulties, Differences and Discontinuities: Reading Women’s Historical Fiction
Professor Diana Wallace (University of Glamorgan)
Gender Studies

7 December 2011
Memory and Landscape: Displacement and Loss
Dr Owain Jones (Gloucester University)
Media Culture and Journalism

14 December 2011
A TV Show by Any One Name: The Changing Meaning of ‘Multiplatforms’.
Dr James Bennett (Royal Holloway University of London)
Media Culture and Journalism

25 January 2012
Jacqui Cochrane (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Scottish Television Drama and Understandings of Scottish Identity: Shifting or Stuck?
Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

3 February 2012
Dr Martin Willis (University of Glamorgan)
Open Fields? The Future of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities
Media Culture and Journalism

2 March 2012
“An Unlikely Alliance of Welsh and Russian Filmmakers”: The Animated Tales from Shakespeare
Dr Maddalena Pennacchia (Roma Tre University)
Theatre Media Drama Unit

14 March 2012
The Forgotten History of British Television Drama
Dr Lez Cooke (Royal Holloway University of London)

21 March 2012
Hollywood in the world market – evidence from Australia in the mid-1930s
Dr Peter Miskell (Reading University)
Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations