Seminars Series 2008/09

15 October 2008
The Internet @ Home: Users and Genre
Dr Hugh Mackay (The Open University)

5 November 2008
Impacts of Emergent Participatory Media on Strategic Political Communication: Iraq 2003–2007
Dr Vian Bakir (University of Glamorgan; from 2010 Bangor University)

29 January 2009
Comparing Journalism Today: Violence in TV news in Germany, Russia and the UK
Thomas Petzold (Queensland University of Technology)

4 February 2009
Cultural Policy and Innovation Policy
Kate Oakley (City University)

4 March 2009
Widening the Focus: Moral Panics as Moral Regulation
Chas Critcher (Swansea University)

25 March 2009
Studying Stand-Up Comedy?
Dr Lesley Harbidge (University of Glamorgan)

22 April 2009
Creativity, Discourse and the Welsh Condition
Dr Terry James (University of Glamorgan)

7 May 2009
Reality TV: The Affective Economies of a Mediated Social/public Realm
Dr Helen Wood (De Montfort University)
Supported by University of Glamorgan RIS 'Contemporary Landmark Television’ project.

20 May 2009
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of Audio Signals and their Application in Electronic Music
D. R. Jones and R. V. Watson (University of Glamorgan)