Media Music Drama (MMD) is a merger of two research groups: Theatre Media Drama (TMD) and Communication, Culture and Media Studies (CCMS). The new group has an active seminar series in which group members and invited guest speakers are given the chance to present and discuss their latest research on all things dramatic.


If you would like to participate in our seminar series, either as a speaker or audience member, please contact:

Performance and Gender seminar series.

Media Music Drama research group is delighted to welcome you to the new academic year with the latest in our Performance and Gender seminar series. Please feel free to share with interested staff and postgraduate and other students.

17th October 2018
15:30-16:30 room CAD109
Kay Dennis: Manifesto
Jeanette D’Arcy: The Woman in Black: A Feminist Failure?

21st November 2018
14:00-15:30 room CA D105
Dr. Jennifer Whitney: Performing Wellness and Beauty on Social Media

Performance and Gender events are envisaged as spaces to explore, critique and enrich perspectives on gender and its representations in contemporary (visual) culture. While these issues appear ubiquitous, they can become institutionalised and work on the assumption that battles have already been won. We seek to establish an open discussion about gender and sexuality within performance. With an interdisciplinary focus in mind, we invite scholars, students, artists and practitioners to present and discuss work in, but not limited to, the following areas:
Cultural Studies

For any queries, or if you are interested in presenting at future events, please contact Jeanette D’Arcy ( and Dr Sarah Crews (