Publications 2008-14

MMD staff publish in monographs, edited books, journals, reports and practice-based research. The group also has ownership of three journals: Critical Studies in Television, Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance, and the Journal of Arts & Communties . Below is full list of publications by MMD staff since 2008. See also publications produced 2002-08.

Steve Blandford

— (2013) Jimmy McGovern. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (ed). (2012) Theatre and Performance in Small Nations. Bristol: Intellect

— (2012) 'Wales’ in S. Blandford (ed.) Theatre and Performance in Small Nations. Bristol: Intellect.

— (with R. McElroy) (2011) ‘Promoting Public Service? Branding, Place and BBC Cymru Wales’ Idents, Promos and Trailers’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 8 (3): 392-410.

— (with S. Lacey) (2011) 'Wales and Television Drama’, Critical Studies in Television 6 (2):1-12.

— (with S. Lacey, R. McElroy and R. Williams) (2010) Screening the Nation: Wales and Landmark Television. Report for BBC Audience Council Wales and BBC Trust.

— (with R. McElroy and R. Williams) (2010) ‘Comment: Portraying Wales in Television Drama’, Cyfrwng: Media Wales Journal 7: 96-98.

— (2010) ‘Cultural Representation’ in H. Mackay (ed.) Understanding Contemporary Wales. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

— (2008) ‘A Way of Life and New British Identities’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 5 (1): 99-112.

Inga Burrows

— (2013)'Creative Encounters across the Counter: Reflections on an Artist’s Residency in Cardiff Market HalL’, I Burrows,pp. 89-104.Cyfrwng 10, ISBN 1742-9234

— (2012) 'Folk Glance’, 'Veil Trance’, jmpScreenworks 3, ISBN 978 186043 5140

— (2009) (with K. Krebs) 'From Memories to Monuments: The Artist as Translator’ International Journal of Arts in Society 4 (4):297-306.

Michael Carklin

— (2011) (with J. Allinson and R. Smith) ‘Audience Journeys Through Multiple Stories: Adapting King Oedipus for Performance’, Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance 4 (1): 69-92.

— (2010), ‘Images of Childhood in Southern Africa: A study of three films’, Journal of African Cinemas 2 (2): 137-149.

Paul Carr

— (2013) (with Hand, R.J) ‘Ensemble/Improvisation; Drama/Music: An Experiment in Drama/Music Interdisciplinarity’, in John Britton (ed.), Encountering Ensemble, Methuen (UK) /Bloomsbury (US), pp. 170-171.

— (2013) (ed.) Frank Zappa and the ‘And’: Key Essays on the Contextualisation of his Legacy. London: Ashgate.

— (2013) ‘The Big Note, Xenochrony and All Things Contextual: Frank Zappa and the And’. Book chapter in Paul Carr (ed.), Frank Zappa and the And: Key Essays on the Contextualisation of his Legacy. Ashgate, 2013.

— (2013) ‘Zappa and Technology: His incorporation of time, space and place in performing, composing, arranging his music’ in P. Carr (ed) Frank Zappa and the ‘And’: Key Essays on the Contextualisation of his Legacy. London: Ashgate.

— (2012) (with R. J. Hand) ‘Songs, Stars and Soundtracks: British Cinema and Rock Music’, L’Atalante. Revista De Estudios Cinematográficos 14: 20–27.

— (2012) (with R. J. Hand) ‘An Experiment in Interdisciplinary Teaching: The Music Theatre of Frank Zappa’, in David Pearson (ed.), A Celebration of Dance, Drama and Music in UK Higher Education, The Higher Education Academy

— (2012). ‘The Relationships Between Higher Education and the Live Music Industry’, A Report for The Higher Education Academy

— (2011) ‘Investigating the Live Music Industry within Wales: A Critical Analysis: A Report For The Welsh Music Foundation’, Welsh Music Foundation: :Available here”:

— (2011) ‘National Identity Versus Commerce: An Analysis of the Opportunities and Limitations for Ensembles and Musicians within the Welsh Music Scene’, Popular Music History 5 (3):

— (2011) “Investigating the Live Music Industry within Wales: A Critical Analysis.“ A Report for the Welsh Music Foundation.

— (2011) ‘An Autocratic Approach to Music Copyright?: The Potential Negative Impacts of Restrictive Rights on a Composers Legacy – The Case of the Zappa Family Trust’, Contemporary Theatre Review 21 (3): 302-316

— (2010) ‘Researching the Development of a Foundation Degree in Musical Instrument Retail Management: A Case Study Partnership between Glamorgan University and Roland UK’, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education 2 (1): 34-46.

— (2010) ‘Make a Sex Noise Here: Frank Zappa, Sex and Popular Music’ in D. Helms and T. Phelps (ed) Thema Nr. 1: Sex und Populäre Musik. Transcript: Auflage.

— (2009) ‘An Autocratic Approach to Music Copyright? The Means through which Frank Zappa Translated and Adapted both his own and other Composers’ Music’, in Encontros de Investigação em Performance. Universidade de Aveiro.

— (2009) ‘No One Had Ever Heard a Guitar Played Like That Before: The Redefinition of the Jazz Aesthetic in the Work of Post 1970’s Electric Guitarist Composers’ in De-Canonizing Music History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

— (2008) (with R. J. Hand) ’Twist n’ Frugg in an Arrogant Gesture: Frank Zappa and the musical-theatrical gesture’, Popular Musicology Online

Ben Challis

— (2012) 'Assistive Technology and Performance Behaviours in Music Improvisation’ Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering 101: 63-70.

— (2012) 'Tactile Interaction’, in M. Soegaard and R. F. Dam (eds.) Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction. Aarhus, Denmark.

— (2011) 'Octonic: An Accessible Electronic Musical Instrument’, Digital Creativity 22(1):1-12.

— (2011) 'An Infrared Sound and Music Controller for Users with Specific Needs’, International Journal of Disability and Human Development 10(1): 43-47.

— (2009) 'Technology, Creativity and Accessibility in Popular Music Education’, Popular Music 28(3): 425-431.

Rea Dennis

— (2013) 'Viewpoints, Creativity and Embodied Learning: Developing Perceptual and Kinesthetic Skills in Non-Dancers Studying Undergraduate University Drama’, Journal of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training

— (2013) (with Moises Fry Sznifer) (eds.) Pessoas Extraordinarias e Suas Incriveis Historias: Como a arte da narrative pode perpetuar ideias e ideais. Editora Gente: São Paulo. ISBN 978-85-7312-814-7

— (2012) “Participation, Local Stories, and Inclusive Democracy: Playback Theatre with Refugees and Asylum Seekers.” In Michael Balfour (ed). Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters, Intellect: Bristol. ISBN 9781841506371

— (2012) 'Landscapes of Making: Autobiography, Memory and Improvised Performance’, in B. Hadley, C. Heim and M. Delbridge (eds.). Compass Points: The Locations, Landscapes and Coordinates of Identities. Online Conference Publication: Queensland University of Technology.

— (2012) ‘Between Pride and Shame: A Dialogic Consideration of Honour Bound and Reconciliation! What’s the Story? in the pursuit of the Australian National Identity’, in Blandford S. (ed). Performance and Media in Small Nations. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 123-140.

— (2012) 'Developing Creative Citizens through Experiential Learning Environments in Applied Drama’, Asian Pacific Journal for Arts Education 11 (3):37-58.

— (2010) ‘Intimacy at Work: Playback Theatre and Corporate Cultural Change in Mercedes Benz, Brazil’, Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change 7(3): 301-319.

— (2009) 'Sensing the Story: Structure and Improvisation in Writing for Performance’ Journal of Writing in Creative Practice 2 (2): 49.

— (2009) ‘Ask the Audience: How to Evaluate the Efficacy of the Playback Theatre Method’, Interplay IX (II): 14-16.

— (2009) ‘Big Clumsy Feet: Shame, Caution and Fear in Performing for Peace Building’, Studies in Theatre and Performance 29(1): 53-66.

— (2009) ‘From Embodied Practice to Articulate Scholar: Blended Learning in Drama Studio’, in Shu, Jack and Chan, Phoebe et. al. (eds.) Planting Ideas with Global Vision in Local Knowledge: the IDEA 2007 Dialogues. Hong Kong: IDEA & TEFO.

— (2008) ‘Refugee Performance: Aesthetic Representation and Accountability in Playback Theatre’, Research in Drama Education (Special Issue on Refugee Performance) 13(2): 211-215.

Richard Hand

— (2013) (with Paul Carr) “Ensemble/Improvisation; Drama/Music: An Experiment in Interdisciplinarity” in John Britton (ed) Encountering Ensemble. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

— (2013) (ed.) The Plays (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

— (2013) (with Rob Smith) 'Bashed Be Biff By All With Ears: Blue Jam and the Radio’ in James Leggott and Jamie Sexton (eds.) No Known Cure: The Comedy of Chris Morris. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

— (2012) Adapting Graham Greene: Cinema, Television, Radio, “Adaptations” Series, London: Palgrave.

— (2012) Listen in Terror: British Horror Radio from the Advent of Broadcasting to the iPod, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2012) (with M. Traynor) (eds.) Radio in Small Nations: Production, Programmes, Audiences. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

— (2012) ‘Zappa and Horror: Screamin’ at the Monster’ in P. Carr (ed) Frank Zappa and the ‘And’: Key Essays on the Contextualisation of his Legacy. London: Ashgate.

— (2012) (with P. Carr) ‘Songs, Stars and Soundtracks: British Cinema and Rock Music’, L’Atalante. Revista De Estudios Cinematográficos 14: 20–27.

— (2012) 'German Expressionism’ and 'Radio’ in W. Hughes, D. Punter and A. Smith (eds) The Encyclopaedia of the Gothic. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

— (2012) Entries on these horror films: 'Jekyll and Hyde’; 'Dead of Night’; 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers’; 'Curse of the Demon’; 'Psycho; Plague of the Zombies’; 'Night of the Living Dead; Theatre of Blood’; 'Count Yorga’; 'The Thing’; 'The Mist’ in John Edgar Browning (ed) Graphic Horror: Movie Monster Memories. Atglen:Schiffer.

— (2012) (with G. D’Arcy) 'Open Your Eyes/Shut Your Eyes: Staging Kandinsky’s The Yellow Sound at Tate Modern’, Performance Research, 17 (5): 56-60

— (2011) 'Adaptation and Modernism’ in D. Cartmell (ed) A Companion to Literature, Film and Adaptation. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

— (2011) 'Disruptive Corpses: Tales of the Living Dead in Horror Comics of the 1950s and Beyond’ in D. Fischer-Hornung, T. Fox and M. Mueller (eds) Vampires and Zombies: Transnational Transformations.

— (2011) 'Grisly Skeletons and Happy Endings: The Adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Fiction’ in P. Nicklas and O. Lindner (eds) Adaptation and Cultural Appropriation. Berlin: De Gruyter.

— (2011) The Radio Drama Handbook: Audio Drama in Context and Practice. New York: Continuum.

— (2011) (translator/adaptor) Octave Mirbeau: Business is Business and Charity. Bristol: Intellect.

— (2011) 'Undead Radio: Zombies and the Living Dead on Live American Radio Drama in the 1930-40s’ in S. J. Lauro and D. Christie (eds) Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-human in Film, Literature, Art and Culture. Fordham: Fordham University Press.

— (2010) 'Bitter Tears and an Image of Sickness: Fassbinder and Self-Adaptation’ in F. Vighi and A. Nouss (eds) Pasolini, Fassbinder, Europe: between Utopia and Nihilism. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

— (2010) 'Captured Ghosts: Horror Acting in the 1970s British Television Drama’ in C. Cornea (ed) Genre and Performance, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2010) ‘“It must all change now!”: Victor Hugo’s Lucretia Borgia and Adaptation Practices in Theatre’ in D. Cutchins, L. Raw and J. Welsh (eds) Redefining Adaptation Studies. Scarecrow Press

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— (2009) ‘“Stay Tuned for Tricks, Treats and Terror”: Halloween and Horror Radio in the Era of American Live Broadcasting’ in H. O’Connel and M. Foley (eds) Treat or Trick? Halloween in a Globalising World, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

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— (2008) 'La proliferazione dell’horror. Survival horror e la serie di Resident Evil’ in M. Bittanti (ed) Intermedialita: Videogiochi, cinema, televisione, fumetti. Transmedialita Ludica: Edizioni Unicopli.

Peter Hughes Jachimiak

— (2012) “Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire” Time Travel, Childhood and the Uncanny Home in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes in Lacey, S. and McElroy, R. (eds.) Life on Mars: From Manchester to New York, Cardiff: University of Wales Press

— (2011) “Please Sir! Can I come out of the closet into the classroom?” British Low Culture and Representations of Queer Masculinities in Education, in John Landreau & Nelson Rodriguez (eds.) Queer Masculinities: A Critical Reader in Education, Springer Press

— (2011) “‘Tanks, Terrain and Black Horses’: The Intra-German Border, Mitteldeutschland, and Third World War Cultural Texts’, European Journal of Cultural Studies, 14(3), pp.339-354.

— (2011) “‘A Dream of Wessex’ – Southern Television’s Spearhead and Representations of the British Army’s Rural Landscape’, Journal of British Cinema and Television, 8: 357-374.

— (2010) 'Newspapers and Magazines in Cultural Studies’ in M. Keith Booker (ed.). Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Literary and Cultural Theory. Wiley-Blackwell.

— (2010) '“Tragedies, Thatcherism, and ‘Thanking God’: A Welsh Grandmother’s Diaries and Her Inscribing of Daily Life” , Llafur 10(3), pp.185-212.

— (2009) “An Epic Art of the Ordinary”: Coal House, Landscape Television, and the 'Welsh Heartland, Cyfrwng Wales Media Journal, Vol. 6, pp.75-93.

— (2008) “Putting the Boot In”: A Clockwork Orange, Post-'69 Youth Culture and the Onset of Late Modernity, in Alan R. Roughley (ed.) Anthony Burgess and Modernity, Manchester University Press, pp.147-164

— (2008) “D’You Wanna Be In My Gang?”: Boys’ Comics, Club Membership, and a “Tribal Britain”, in The International Journal of Comic Art, 10 (1), pp. 39 – 47.

— (2008) (with McElroy, R.) (eds.) 'Coal House: Fictions of the Past on the Small Screen’, Critical Studies in Television, 3(2), pp.80-99.

Glenn Jordan

— (2011) 'Re-membering the African-American Past: Langston Hughes, Aaron Douglas and Black Art of the Harlem Renaissance’ Cultural Studies 25(6): 848-891

— (2011) 'On an Island Without Sun: coping strategies of Sikhs in Ireland’, Journal of Intercultural Studies, 32(4):407-432

— (2011) (with Singh, S.) 'The Sikh Diaspora in Ireland: a short history’, in Knut A Jacobsen and Kristina Myrvold (eds.) Sikhs in Europe: Migration, Identities and Representations , Ashgate

— (2008) ‘An African Presence in Europe: portraits of Somali elders”, Cultural Studies 22(2): 328-353

— (2008) 'Photography That Cares: Portraits from multi-ethnic Wales’, Journal of Media Practice 9(2): 153-169

— (2008) ( with O. Otele & C. Weedon) “Memory / Politics”, special issue of the journal Cultural Studies. A selection of papers presented in the seven panels on “Collective Memory” that the three co-editors organised for the July 2006 Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference in Istanbul.

— (2008) (with Weedon, C.) ‘Negotiating racialised boundaries: women from Butetown and the South Wales Valleys, 1930s – 1950s” in J. Aaron, H. Altink & C. Weedon (eds.) Gendering Border Studies. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Stephen Lacey

— (2013) ‘Terry Johnson’ in M. Middeke and A. Sierz (eds) Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary British Playwrights. Methuen Drama.

— (2011) ‘Staging the contemporary: politics and practice in post-war social realist theatre’ in D. Tucker (ed) Angry People: British Social Realism in Film, Theatre, Literature and Visual Art. London: Palgrave.

— (2010) ‘Little Britain: from stage to screen’ in S. Lockyer (ed) Little Britain. London: IB Tauris.

— (2010) ‘This Life’ in D. Lavery (ed) Cult Television. University Press of Kentucky.

— (2010) Cathy Come Home. London: BFI.

— (2010) (with R. McElroy) ‘Real performance: ordinary people and the ‘problem’ of acting in constructed documentaries’, Studies in Documentary Film 4 (3): 253-266.

Ruth McElroy

— (2013, vol.3) (with Blandford, S.), 'Memory, television and the making of the BBC’s The Story of Wales', special issue, European Television Memories, of Journal of European Television History and Culture

— (2013) 'Post-imperial Drama: History, memory and narrative in Peter Kosminsky’s The Promise’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 10 (2), pp.276-297

— (2012) (with Lacey, S.) (eds.) Life on Mars: From Manchester to New York, University of Wales Press.

— (2012) 'Consuming Retrosexualities: The past live, on-screen, online now’ in Lacey, S. and McElroy, R. (eds.) Life on Mars: From Manchester to New York, University of Wales Press, pp.117-129.

— (2011) (with Blandford, S.) 'Promoting public service? Branding, place and BBC Cymru Wales’ idents, promos and trailers’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 8 (3), pp.392-410

— (2011) ‘Putting the Landmark Back into Television’: producing place and cultural value in Cardiff’, Place-Branding and Public Diplomacy, 7 (3), pp.175-184.

— (2011) (with Williams. R.) ‘Remembering Ourselves, Viewing the Others: historical reality television and celebrity in the small nation’, Television and New Media, 12 (3), pp.187-206.

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— (2010) (with Blandford, S. Lacey, S. and Williams, R) ‘Comment: Portraying Wales in television drama’, Cyfrwng: Media Wales Journal, vol.7, pp.96-98

— (2009) 'Television and the Local Press: Formations of value in making must-see TV’, Cyfrwng Media Wales Journal, vol. 6, pp.94-111

— (2009) (with Smith, R.) 'Commissioning Music for Television’, pedagogic case study, Art Design & Media Subject Centre

— (2008) (with Jachimiak, P.) (eds.) 'Coal House: Fictions of the Past on the Small Screen’, Critical Studies in Television vol. 3, no.2, pp.80-99

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— (2008) ‘Indigenous minority-language media: S4C, cultural identity and the Welsh-language televisual community’, in Wilson, P. and Stewart, M. (eds.) Global Indigenous Media. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp.232-249

Márta Minier

— (2013) 'Definitions, Dyads, Triads and Other Points of Connection in Translation and Adaptation Discourse’, in K. Krebs (ed.) Translation and Adaptation in Theatre and Film. London: Routledge.

— (2012) 'Tracing a Text of Identity: Hungarian Hamlet Poetry’, in Ruth J. Owen The Hamlet Zone. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 31-43.

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Philip Mitchell

— (2012) (with Johnson, S.) 'In search of access, localness and sustainability: radio in post-devolutionary Wales’, in Hand, R. and Traynor, M. (eds.) Radio in Small Nations, Cardiff: University of Wales Press

— (2012) 'Remembering the present: documentary film and the transmission of grief’, Journal of Hispanic Cinemas

Rebecca Williams

— (2013) (ed.) Torchwood Declassified. Investigating Mainstream Cult Television, London: I.B. Tauris.

— (2013) ‘Tweeting the Tardis: Interaction, live-ness and social media in Doctor Who fandom’, in Matt Hills (ed.) New Dimensions in Doctor Who: Exploring Space, Time and Television, London: I.B. Tauris.

— (2013) ‘Introduction: Torchwood: Bridging the mainstream/cult rift’ in Rebecca Williams (ed.) Torchwood Declassified: Investigating Mainstream Cult Television, London: I.B. Tauris.

— (2013) ‘Tonight’s the Night with …Captain Jack!: John Barrowman as celebrity/subcultural celebrity/localebrity’, in Rebecca Williams (ed.) Torchwood Declassified: Investigating Mainstream Cult Television, London: I.B. Tauris.

— (2013) Unlocking The Vampire Diaries: Genre, authorship, and quality in teen TV horror, Gothic Studies.15 (1): 88-99.

— (2013) Anyone who calls Muse a Twilight band will be shot on sight: Music, distinction, and the ‘interloping fan’ in the Twilight franchise, Popular Music and Society, 36 (3): 327-342.

— (2012) Book review: Enric Castello, Alexander Dhoest and Hugh O’Donnell (ed.) (2009) The Nation on Screen: Discourses of the National on Global Television, Critical Studies in Television 7 (2).

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SciScreen Blog

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