Publications 2002-08

Below is a list of publications produced by MMD staff between 2004 and 2008. For further details about the publication record of individual staff members, search the people section. Click here for publications produced since 2008

Steve Blandford:

— (2007) Film, Drama and the Break up of Britain. Exeter: Intellect Press.

— (2004) (with C. Williams and J.R. Aaron) “Dramatic fictions in Postcolonial Wales” in J. Aaron and C. Williams Postcolonial Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Sam Boardman-Jacobs:

— (2004) “Landscape of Goness”, Jewish Quarterly

— (2003) Radio Scriptwriting. Bridgend: Seren.

Inga Burrows:

— (2002) 'The Object and the Experience’ Journal of Media Practice 3 (1): 1468-2753.

— (2002) 'The Experience and the Object: Making a Documentary Video Instalation’ in A. Grimshaw and A. Ravetz (eds.) Visualising Anthropology. Bristol: Intellect Press.

Michael Carklin:

— (2006) 'Representations of the Scientific Body on Stage’ in The Human Body: A Universal Sign. Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press.

Ben Challis:

— (2002) 'Weasel: Access to Music Notation for Blind People’, Cultivate Interactive 8

— (2000) (with A. D. N. Edwards) Design Principles for Non-Visual Human-Computer Interaction. ACM SIGCAPH Bulletin, Spring 2000.

— (1999) (with J. Hankinson and A. D. N. Edwards) MAT: A Tool for Measuring Musical Ability. York University Department of Computer Science Yellow Report Series, Number YCS322.

— (with A. D. N. Edwards) Non-Visual Music Representation: A Computer Based Approach. Interfaces (35) Bulletin of The British HCI Group.

Rea Dennis:

— (2004) 'Seen and heard: Exploring spiritualitiy using Playback Theatre for people with disabilities’ Applied Theatre Journal 5

Hamish Fyfe:

— (ed) (2007) A Reader in Community Performance.

— (2006) On The Edge: The Aesthetics and Ethics of Interventionist Theatre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

— (2006) 'The Line in the Grass – Northern Ireland’s Theatre/Culture Borders’ in On The Edge: The Aesthetics and Ethics of Interventionist Theatre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

— (2005) Changing Spaces: Building Social Capital in Wales through Cross-Sector Creativity. Report for the Welsh Assembly Government.

Richard Hand:

— (2007) (with M. Wilson) 'This Troublesome Theatre’: London’s Grand-Guignol and the Performance of Horror. University of Exeter Press, Studies in Performance Series.

— (2006) 'Paradigms of Metamorphosis and Transmutation: Thomas Edison’s Frankenstein and John Barrymore’s Jekyll and Hyde’ in Hand, RJ and J. McRoy (eds) Monstrous Adaptations: Generic and Thematic Mutations in Horror Film. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2006) Terror on the Air: Horror Radio in America, 1931-52. Jefferson: McFarland.

— (2005) The Theatre of Joseph Conrad: Reconstructed Fictions. London: Palgrave.

— (2005) 'Theatres of Interactivity: Video Games in the Drama Studio’' in Digital Gameplay: Essays on the Nexus of Game and Gamer. McFarland.

— (2004) 'Dissecting the Gash: Sexual Horror in the 1980s and the Manga of Suehiro Maruo’ M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, 7 (4).

— (2004) 'Proliferating Horrors: Survival Horror and the Resident Evil franchise’ in Horror Film: Marketing and Creating Fear. Jackson: University of Mississipi Press.

— (translator) (2004) 'Lucretia Borgia’ and ''Ruy Blas’ in Victor Hugo: Four Plays. London: Methuen.

Peter Hughes Jachimiak:

— (2007) 'Woolly Bears and Toffee Apples’ – ‘Charley’s War’, Boyhood and The Remembering of our Grandfathers’ in The Lion and the Unicorn, special issue on children’s literature and the First World War.

— (2006) 'Coll Gwynfa, Adferiad Gwynfa’ – Grand Slam, Gwrywdod ac Adennill y Gymru a Gollwyd’ ('Paradise Lost, Paradise Found’ – Grand Slam, Masculinities and the Regaining of a Wales Lost), in Cyfrwng – Media Wales Journal (Cyfnodolyn Cyfryngau Cymru), Volume 3: ‘Youth’, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, pp.91-106.

— (2006) 'Lambrettas Down Leafy Lanes’ – The Scooterist as Ruralist’, The International Journal for Motorcycle Studies, November issue

Glenn Jordan:

— (2007)(with Abdirahman Akli Ahmed and Abdi Arwo) ‘Presenting themselves before the camera: the Somali elders project in Cardiff’ in Á. O’Brien & A. Grossman (eds.) Migration and Location: Transcultural Documentary Practice. New York: Wallflower Press.

— (2006) (with L. Taylor & P. Cope) It’s all in the Wood: The Afro-Welsh Sculpture of Raymond Charles Taylor. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre.

— (2006) ‘Sculpture that speaks: the expressive woodwork of Raymond Charles Taylor’ in G. Jordan, L. Taylor & P. Cope (eds.) It’s all in the Wood: The Afro-Welsh Sculpture of Raymond Charles Taylor. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre, pp. 7-25.

— (2005) ‘“We never really noticed you were coloured”: postcolonialist reflections on immigrants and minorities in Wales’, in J. Aaron & C. Williams (eds.) Postcolonial Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, pp. 55-81.

— (2005), “Rhagair / Foreword”. In Alan Llwyd, Cmyru Ddu / Black Wales: A History. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre and S4C.

— (2004) (with C. Weedon) “Cultural Studies after Leavis”, in Patricia Waugh (ed) The Theory and Practice of Literary Criticism: An Oxford Guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

— (2004) (with the assistance of Akli Ahmed and Abdi Arwo) Somali Elders: Portraits from Wales / Odeyada Soomaalida: Muuqaalo ka yimid Welishka. A bilingual publication in English and Somali. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre.

— (2004) “Where Is Cultural Studies Today?” Published on the website of the Iberian Association of Cultural Studies ( Originally published in Adean (journal of the Asociacion Española de Estudios Anglo-Norte Americanos), Nov. 2000.

— (2003) “History, Cultural Democracy and Regeneration: Butetown History & Arts Centre.” Bevin Foundation Review, issue 2, spring, 58-61.

— (2003) ‘Tortured journey: Cardiff Bay, photography and the landscape of memory/Taith ingol: Bae Caerdydd, ffotograffiaeth a thirlun atgof’, in M. Manning, P. Flynn and G. Jordan (eds.) Fractured Horizon: A Landscape of Memory / Gorwel Briwedig: Tirlun Atgof. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre, pp. 11-13 and 17-19.

— (2003) ‘Voices from below: doing people’s history in Cardiff Docklands”, in S. Berger & H. Feldner (eds.) Writing History: Theory and Practice. London: Arnold, pp. 299-320.

— (2003) (ed.) Fractured Horizon: A Landscape of Memory / Gorwel Briwedig: Tirlun Atgof. Photographs by Mathew Manning and text by Patti Flynn. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre.

— (2002), “Whose Story Is It? On the Multiple Births of Cultural Studies”, in D. Walton & D. Scheu (eds.) Culture and Power: Cultural Studies in Spain.. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 147-171

— (2002) Tramp Steamers, Seamen & Sailor Town: Jack Sullivan’s Paintings of Old Cardiff Docklands. Cardiff: Butetown History & Arts Centre.

Katja Krebs:

— (2006) 'Anticipating blue lines: Translational Choices as Sites of (Self) Censorship’ in Billiani (ed) Translation and Censorship. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing.

— (2006) Dissemination of Culture and Translational Communities. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing.

Stephen Lacey:

— (2007) Tony Garnett. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2005) 'Becoming popular: some reflections of the relationship between television and theatre’ in Popular Television Drama: Critical Perspectives. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2005) (with J. Bignell) Popular Television Drama: Critical Perspectives. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

— (2004) 'British Theatre and Commerce: 1979 to 2000’ in The Cambridge History of British Theatre Vol 3. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lisa Lewis:

— (2006) 'Cwmni Theatr Cymru ac Emily Davies, 1982-1984 (Cwmni Theatr Cymru and Emily Davies, 1982-1984)’ in Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru (the National Theatre of Wales). Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

— (2004) 'An audience that has become dormant, interview with Lyn T Jones, Chair of Theatr Gngedlaethol Cymry (National Theatre of Wales)’ New Welsh Review.

— (2002) 'Pushing Back Forgetfulness’, Women and Performance: A journal of feminist theory 12 (2): 21 – 33.

Ruth McElroy:

—(2007) ‘The Local, the Global, and the Bi-cultural: Welsh-language television drama’, Critical Studies in Television, vol. 2 (2), pp. 77-95

— (2007)‘Bringing it Home: Devolution, Multiculturalism and British Students’ Voices in Writing Britain’, Anglistik und Englischunterricht, vol. 69, pp. 67-88.

— (2006)‘Circuiting Empire, Romancing Difference: Language, Imperialism and Anglo-Indian and Anglo-Welsh Fictions’, Welsh Writing in English, vol. 11, pp. 1-31.

— (2006) ‘Labouring at Leisure: Aspects of Lifestyle & the Rise of Home Improvement’, in Smyth, G. and Croft, J. (eds.) Our House: Representations of Domestic Space in Modern Culture. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp.85-101

— (2005) ‘”For a mothertongue is a treasure, but not a god”: Gwyneth Lewis and the dynamics of language in contemporary Welsh poetry’, Journal for the Study of British Cultures, vol. 12, no.1, pp.39–53.

— (2005) ‘Strength in Diversity’ review of the peer-reviewed academic journal Welsh Writing in English vol. 9, Planet, 171, pp. 108-110.

— (2005) ‘Screen Wars of the Recent Future’ review of the English translation of the Welsh-language novelist Robin Llywelyn’s novel, White Star / Seren Wen ar Gefndir Gwyn, Planet, 168, pp. 94-95.

— (2004)‘Relieving the Anguish’ review of Gwyneth Lewis’ Keeping Mum, Planet, 163, pp. 103-5.

— (2004) ‘A Tale of Two Decades’ review of Deirdre Beddoe (ed.) Changing Times: Welsh Women Writing on the 1950s and 1960s, Planet, pp.105-6.

— 2003) ‘Dorothy Richardson’ and ‘The New Woman’ in Poplawski, P. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Literary Modernism. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

— (2002) Guest editor of ‘Sexing the Nation: the spaces of belonging(s)’ themed issue of European Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 5, no.3.

— (2002)‘Whose Body, Whose Nation? Surrogate motherhood and its representation’, in the above special issue of European Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 5, no. 3, pp.325–342.

Philip Mitchell:

— (2006) (with Barlow, D. M. and O’Malley, T.) ‘The communicative dimension of civil society: media and the public sphere’, in G. Day, D. Dunkerley and A. Thompson (eds) Policy, Politics and People: Civil Society in Wales, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

— (2006) ‘Constructing the e-nation: the Internet In Wales.’ Contemporary Wales, 18: 191–201.

— (2005) (with Barlow, D. M. and O’Malley, T.) The Media in Wales: Voices of a Small Nation, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

— (2004) ‘Reappraising Antonio Mercero: film authorship and intuición popular’, in F. Lázaro Reboll and A. Willis (eds) Spanish Popular Cinema, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Ian Wiblin:

— (2006) 'Confronting the void (photography, cinema and the urban)’ History of Photography

Rebecca Williams:

— (2005) (with Hills, M.) ‘It’s All My Interpretation: Reading Spike Through the ‘Subcultural Celebrity’ of James Marsters’, European Journal of Cultural Studies, 8 (3):345-365

Mike Wilson:

— (2006) (with O. J. Doubl) 'Brecht and Cabaret’ in The Cambridge Companion to Brecht (revised edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

— (2005) Storytelling and Theatre: Contemporary Professional Storytellers and their Art. Basingstoke: Palgrave, Theatre and Performance Practices Series.

— (with O. J. Double) 'Karl Valentin’s Illogical Subversion: Stand-up Comedy and Alienation Effect’ New Theatre Quarterly 20 (3): 203 – 215

— (with R. J. Hand) 'Transatlantic Terrors! French Horror Theatre and American Pre-Code Comics’ Journal of Popular Culture.

— (2003) 'Revisiting Brecht: Preparing Gallileo for Production’ Studies in Theatre and Performance 22 (3): 145-157.