Practice as Research 2008-14

TMD supports innovative, creative practice-based research. Below is a list of recent practice-as-research projects. See also practice-as-research projects 2004-08 .

Steve Blandford

— (2011) Bloody Good Friday Play adapted by Steve Blandford from the novel by Des Barry.

Inga Burrows

— (2012) On Vocation, Installation and DVD. Whirley Gig Cinema 18 Oct 2012; Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 13 Feb 2013; National Eisteddfod, Denbigh, 1 – 7 Aug 2013.

— (2011) Livelyhood, Mixed Media, Digital Video Installation, Performance. Cardiff Story Museum, Cardiff, 1-29 Dec 2011; Bloc Project, Sheffield, 20 Sept 2013; Power Lunches, London, 8 Oct 2013. Also published in Screenworks 3.

— (2011) Bacon, Beeswax, Banter and Beady-eyed Bass. Exhibition, Library Gallery, The Hayes, Cardiff, Oct-Nov 2011.

— (2010) Deviant Chores HD DVD. National Eisteddfod, 30 Jul – 6 Aug 2011; Tactile BOSCH Gallery, Cardiff, 9 – 30 Mar 2012 (part of Wunderland 11); Performance Space, Hackney Wick, London, 20 Jul 2012 (part of Hored and Borny).

— (2009) Four short films Carmina Burana St David’s Hall, Nov 2009.

Richard Hand

—(2014) Henry IV (adapted and directed by Richard Hand).

—(2013) Pepper’s Ghost commissioned by the University of Westminster, Regent Street (performed with Dr Geraint D’Arcy)

— (2013) Lover’s Lane Wireless Zombies: Walking, Eating and Performance at Plymouth University, 13 April 2013 (director/scriptwriter Richard Hand).

— (2012) Over the Hills and Far Away Cardiff Castle, 25-26 Aug 2012 (directed by Richard Hand).

— (2011) Kandinsky’s The Yellow Sound. Commissioned stage play/installation, The Blue Reiter Centenary Conference, Tate Modern (co-directed by Geraint D’Arcy and Richard Hand).

— (2011) The Fantastical Adventures of Percival Van Cleef. (Available on iTunesU) Commissioned audio play, The Drama Pod, Australia (written by Kate Mandalov; directed by Richard Hand; produced by Mary Traynor).

— (2010) The Casebook of Violet Strange: The Inseparables. (Available on iTunesU) Audio play, Tequila Radio and iTunesU (written by Diane Lake; directed by Richard Hand; produced by Mary Traynor).

— (2009) Kiss of Blood. Commissioned stage play, BIRTHA Translation Colloquium, University of Bristol (co-written and directed by Richard Hand).

— (2009) Horror and Laughter: A Night at the Grand-Guignol. Commissioned stage production, Abertoir Horror Festival, Aberystwyth (co-written and directed by Richard Hand).

— (2009) Bitter Tears and an Image of Sickness: a Fassbinder adaptation Commissioned stage, International Pasolini and Fassbinder Conference, School of European Studies, Cardiff University (written and directed by Richard Hand).

— (2008) Noël Coward’s The Better Half and H. F. Maltby’s The Person Unknown. Commissioned stage production, Society for Theatre Research, London (directed by Richard Hand).

— (2008) The Terrifying Tale of Sweeney Todd! (Available on iTunes U) Audio play, GTFM Radio broadcast and iTunesU (written and directed by Richard Hand; produced by Mary Traynor).

Rea Dennis

— (2013) The Yellow Wallpaper Project – adapted and directed by Rea Dennis, Cardiff.

— (2013) Presents/Presence – conceived and directed by Rea Dennis, Remote Encounters Conference, Cardiff.

— (2013) Self’s – a study of identities in movement and perception.

— (2013) Self/s III: Deconstruction, Memory and Abstraction in Live Art Performance, Cardiff.

— (2012) Self/s II: Objectification, Movement and Object Manipulation, commissioned by Idea Empressarial, Athens, Greece.

— (2012) Self/s I: Deconstruction, Memory and Abstraction in solo autobiographical performance, commissioned by Nhemaria Theatre Company, Sao Bernardo, SP.

— (2012) Guantanamo Presence, roaming installation, conceived by Rea Dennis, Hazard Festival, Manchester

— (2012) Embodied Cognition and physical theatre (ongoing)

— (2011) Montage V: Structure, Movement, Perception in physical performance.

— (2010) Reclaiming the Shrew, directed by Rea Dennis. An exploration of non-narrative dramaturgical options within nonverbal physical performance texts. In partnership with Beacon for Engagement and Valleyskids Flight Wings.

— (2010) Academia de Criatividade e Inovação, Ebu, Sao Paulo (commissioned by Bradesco Bank)

— (2010) Train Tracks and Rooftops. Performance integrating audience interaction exploring the nature of memory in devising and memory in reception and response, Atrium and Soar Centre Penygraig, Cardiff, 23-27 Jan (supported by Arts Council of Wales).

— (2009) Artsync, Nambour Australia, Jan 2010 (Lembrança UK/Brazil in collaboration with Sunshine Coast Theatre and Screenbitch) including interdisciplinary improvisation project with Mettaphor Music/Live Vibe, Janu 5-8 (supported by Wales Arts International).

— (2009) Academia de Criatividade e Inovação, Murumbi, Sao Paulo (commissioned by Tenda Constructions)

— (2008) Intimacy at work, commissioned by Mercedes Benz Brazil, developed by Rea Dennis and Magda Miranda with Scripti Artes e Desenvolvimento, 14 discrete performances across 14 cities.

— (2008) All Stars/Eastside Institute, 920 Broadway, Performing the World Congress, 2-5 October, New York City (supported by TMDRU) Soar Centre, Penygraig, June 28 (Lembrança UK/Brazil in collaboration with Valleys Kids/Artworks

Wyn Mason

—(2013) Surface Tensions: Framing the Flow of a Poetry-Film Collaboration

— (2010) Trails (DVD) Published online in JMP Screenworks.

— (2010) Garden (film directed by Wyn Mason).

— (2010) Heartcase (film directed by Wyn Mason).

— (2010) Continental Drift. Launched at Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Oct 2010.

— (2011) Moiré. Film exhibited as part of The Moiré Experience conference at Butetown History and Arts Centre.

Márta Minier

—(2014) The Bards of Wales(poem performed at at the inaugural event of the Hungarian Society in Wales)

Ieuan Morris

— (2013) Runt._ (film directed by Ieuan Morris).