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Dr Rob Campbell is interviewed in today’s South Wales Argus

May 30, 2017

Dr Rob Campbell, Academic Manager for Broadcasting & Journalism at USW, is interviewed in today’s South Wales Argus (p.62) in a feature on how the regional newspaper industry may change in the future.

Dr Andy Smith presents paper at the BFI symposium in London

May 16, 2017

Dr Andy Smith, Associate Head of the School of Music and Performance at the University of South Wales, is going to be delivering a paper titled “Which shall prevail?” Doppelgängers and Duality in the work of David Rudkin at the BFI symposium in London on 10 June 2017.

Dr Márta Minier co-organises a Welsh-Hungarian Music Day in memory of Zoltán Kodály

April 27, 2017

Dr Márta Minier, an active member of the Music Media Drama Research Group, is involved as a consultant co-organiser and educator in a Welsh-Hungarian Music Day organised in memory of eminent Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist Zoltán Kodály (6 May 2017, Canton Uniting Church, Cardiff). In 2017 Hungarians commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kodaly’s death, who pioneered a music education system – the famous Kodály Method – that revolutionised the teaching of music to children well beyond his native Hungary. Kodály, who is equally reputed as a composer, a folk song collector and a pedagogue, is a Hungarian cultural export much appreciated in Wales. Testimony to this is the Kodaly Violin School based in Carmarthenshire, who are co-organisers of this bilingual event. Dr Minier’s expertise in Hungarian studies and in education is pivotal to the event.

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