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March 12, 2018

University of South Wales: Cardiff (Friday 1st June 2018)

USW Cardiff: Comics Symposium 2018, Call For Papers

In association with Cardiff Indie Comics Expo.

The First USW Cardiff: Comics Symposium is interested in creator’s perspectives. It will explore comics and creativity and papers are invited which examine the practice of creating comics, and the particulars of storytelling in comics.

Does changing a panel, change the story? How might a medium’s materiality affect its construction and reception? Pudovkin stated that “In order to write a scenario suitable for filming, one must know the methods by which the spectator can be influenced from the screen.” (Pudovkin 2007: 1), and referring to adaption Weaver suggests this is, “the act of translating a story from one medium to another. To do so, you must be cognizant of the needs and storytelling techniques of each medium.” (Weaver 2012: 83). This symposium addresses these needs from the point of view of the creators involved in the production and creation of comics.

Papers are invited to discuss:

· Storytelling through comics
· Creating comics
· Comic form and Comics content
· Scriptwriting for comics
· Words to Image
· Words and Pictures
· Analogue and digital forms
· Comics and Transmedia
· Practice as Research
· Teaching through Comics
· Pedagogy and Comics

Proposals for twenty minute presentations are invited. Please send abstracts of 300 words to the symposium organizers Dr. Brian Fagence ( and Dr. Geraint D’Arcy ( by the 6th April 2018.

Pudovkin, V., I. (2007) Film technique and film acting: the cinema writings of V. I. Pudovkin. New York: Bonanza.

Weaver, T. (2012) Comics for Film, Games, and Animation: Using Comics to Construct your Transmedia Storyworld. Abingdon, Oxon: Focal Press.

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