Creative sound - BBC Radio Wales’ Science Cafe

March 3, 2015

3 March 2015 at 6:30pm

Adam Walton visits the Newport city campus of the University of South Wales to hear about innovative use of technology on courses including creative sound and music.

Matthew Lovett, the Academic manager for music, outlines the scope of courses, and the various creative platforms that can be used to produce music. He explains the line that links the music experiments of Greek philosopher Pythagoras with the music technology of today.

Tim Land, the course leader for creative sound and music, explains how our bodies feel and respond to sound, and about developments in sound design, and its importance for how we position ourselves in a location. We also hear from Simon Edmunds, who outlines the details of a 3D speaker array, which is a modern day development of Ambisonics, which originated in the 1970s.

Matt Jackson shows Adam a prototype portable digital synthesizer he has developed out of his interest in “audio toys”, using development platforms which enable those without an electronics engineering background to assemble useful devices.

Aidan Taylor discusses how, 50 years after their initial development, analogue synthesizers are now being used in conjunction with digital technology to produce innovative music.

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