The War on Terror

June 18, 2015

USW Emeritus Professor Stephen Lacey and Derek Paget, Visiting Fellow at the University of Reading are editors of a thought evoking and engaging new book The War on Terror. The Creative Industries Research Institute and the Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Research Unit hosted the book launch on June 4, 2015.

The book explores the ways in which television has engaged directly and indirectly with the new realities of the post-9/11 world. It offers detailed analysis of a number of key programmes and series that engage with, or are haunted by, the aftermath of the events of September 11 in the USA and what is unavoidably through problematically and contentiously referred to as the resulting 'war on terror’.

The substantive part of the book is a series of independent chapters, each written on a different topic and considering different programmes. It includes series and single dramas representing the invasion of Iraq (The Mark of Cain, Occupation and Generation Kill), comedic representations (Gary, Tank Commander), documentary (the BBC Panorama’s coverage of 9/11), 'what if’ docudramas (Dirty War), 9/11 in popular series (CSI:NY) and representations of Tony Blair in drama and docudrama. The book concludes with an extended reflection on contemporary docudrama and an interview with filmmaker and docudramatist Peter Kosminsky.

“Prof Stephen Lacey and Derek Paget’s edited book is essential reading on how the small screen represents and shapes the times we live in.” – Professor Jonathan Bignell, University of Reading

“Lacey and Paget’s collection explores the complex political imaginary now surrounding the idea of 'Terror’.” – Professor John Corner, University of Leeds.

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